About Us

Monster Cleaning Hertford is professional service provider specialising in a wide range of general and specialised cleaning solutions for private and business customers.

The company has been part of the industry for a number of years now, during this time we have been able to gather invaluable expertise and experience in different types of cleaning therefore establishing ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner to households and offices across Hertford and surrounding areas. We like to keep our business philosophy straightforward – we know that customers are fed up with the corporate bull so we keep things simple.

At Monster Cleaning Hertford we focus on quality of results, professional approach, affordability and adequate customer care. These four things have pivotal to the success of our business therefore we are serious about maintaining each one of them. Professionalism and punctuality are by far the most important thing in our way of doing business. Our customers can rest assured their home or office is being serviced by a dedicated group of cleaning professionals who know what big difference small things make. Next up is our commitment to quality of work and exceptional results – if it wasn’t for quality and best results, even the cheapest cleaning service out there would be passed by. No chance of that happening with us though as we always deliver on our promises – private and business customers receive nothing short of the best possible cleaning without margin for error. Affordability and value for money is another crucial aspect of our success story.

We know what people expect of their cleaning company in terms of pricing and cost efficiency and we never fail to quote the right figures. Our services are specially designed to deliver optimal value for money in all circumstances. Our individualised price forming approach means we are flexible enough to meet various budget requirements. Attentive customer care is another thing we are very serious about. Our customers enjoy punctual and helpful assistance provided by courteous and knowledgeable representatives. Customer care staff are able to deal with different issues and situations effectively so you have your query resolved as soon as possible. We intend to keep up the good work and retain our position as a trusted and reliable cleaning company. For all those who have already made us their preferred cleaners – we thank you for your trust and business, this is the appreciation we need. To our future and potential clients we say – come, be a part of a better service experience today.