Price is crucial when marketing a service, whether it be property cleaning or other.

In most instances, even the best organised, most efficient service would be a pass-by for customers if the price doesn’t match the projected value or use they see in it. And that in turn would spell out big trouble for the service provider in question. With Monster Cleaning Hertford though, there is no chance of that happening because simply put – our price is always right.

We never overcharge people, and we never make them pay for things they don’t need, with us the quoted and agreed price is the only price you pay. There are many companies out there who practice the so called hit and run approach where they charge big money without expecting customers to return. For us though this is highly unprofessional so we stay well clear of such methods. Our service quotes and pricing are fair and competitive and our deals are of great value, the figures in our estimates accurately reflect the scale of the job, and take into consideration customer budget as much as possible. There are no hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. We provide formal estimates, receipts and valid invoices to all customers by request.